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Mail delivery problems
Troubleshoot problems delivering mail from ProZ.com to your email address

Having problems receiving email from ProZ.com?

Are your email preferences configured correctly?

If you do not receive any email from ProZ.com, or if you receive some types of email messages but not others (and your email preferences are configured correctly), one of the following problems may be preventing reliable mail delivery.
  • Email filters in your mail program - If you use any type of spam blocker or other email filter, please confirm that you are not accidentally filtering ProZ.com email notifications.
  • Filtering by your ISP - Your ISP may employ various types of spam filtering which may be blocking ProZ.com messages. Some spam blacklists incur a large amount of collateral damage, requiring manual "white-listing" of some innocent sites.
  • Transient Internet connectivity problems - There may be problems on the network somewhere between ProZ.com and your ISP that are preventing mail delivery. If so, chances are your ISP is already aware of the problem and is working to correct it.

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