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Directory text Ads

The ProZ.com translator directory is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. The directory is searched daily by thousands of people--many of them outsourcers looking for translators and agencies with specific skills. ProZ.com Directory Text Ads provide a way for ProZ.com members (professional membership), to stand out in their respective directories.

Targeted and relevant

Directory Text Ads are precisely targeted to specific language pairs and disciplines. When an outsourcer sees a text ad in the directory, it is because the advertiser's skills are a perfect match for the outsourcer's needs.

How it works

An advertiser first creates a text ad from the My Text Ads page under My ProZ.com. The text ad consists of a heading and up to two lines of body text, and it is targeted at a single language pair and discipline. A sample Directory Text Ad is shown below.

Quality Translations
Native English speaker; 20 yrs experience in legal translation
Pro: Jason Grimes

When an outsourcer searches the ProZ.com Directory using search criteria that match the Directory Text Ad, the ad is shown on the left side of the search results page, below the search form. When the outsourcer clicks on the ad, he is taken to the advertiser's profile page, where he can get more information as well as contact the advertiser directly.
If there are more Directory Text Ads matching a search than can be displayed, the ads are randomly rotated for those search criteria.


Freelancer Directory Text Ads are priced at $0.05 USD per impression. Agency Directory Text Ads are priced at $0.25 USD per impression. An impression is defined as a single viewing of the text ad. A minimum purchase of $20.00 USD is required.

Directory Text Ads are available just for ProZ.com members (professional membership). Full ProZ.com members may also trade text ads by BrowniZ, at a rate of 10 BrowniZ per impression in the Freelancer Directory, and 50 BrowniZ per impression in the Agency Directory. A minimum outlay of 4000 BrowniZ is required.

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