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Translator Group Buying (TGB) Program


ProZ.com offers vendor partners the opportunity to sell products through ProZ.com channels. ProZ.com is the # 1 reseller for SDL Trados, Wordfast and other translation industry products.

Group buy program requires reseller agreement including either a commission per sale or a bulk buy discount. ProZ.com group buy program requires vendor to guarantee ProZ.com users the lowest price publically available.

ProZ.com can handle all promotion, payment processing, and license distribution/activation for product resale. Vendor partners receive top level exposure and branding.

ProZ.com will promote sale through:

  • Home page exposure
  • Targeted and dedicated banner ads (i.e. display ads to users that do not already have product advertised)
  • Email notification to interested buyers
  • ProZ.com may at their discretion provide TGB participants with additional ProZ.com membership benefit as incentive to participate in TGB sales
  • ProZ.com can handle all e-commerce and sales if required

ProZ.com store


The ProZ.com store offers vendor partners with an easy low cost direct sales channel. ProZ.com can handle all promotion, marketing and payment processing.

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